The Difference Between Homeopathy and Holistic Medicine

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Homeopathic and holistic medicines are two that are often confused with one another – especially from an outside perspective. The fact of the matter is, though, that homeopathy exists as a subset of holistic medicine. They both follow tenets that outline that each disease has an underlying cause, and to truly cure that condition in a person is to address the entire problem. Whether it stems from a chemical imbalance, stress, proper nutrition, and diet, or getting enough sleep/exercise, the body is capable of maintaining homeostasis.

Homeopathy vs. Holistic Medicine


The two schools of medicine often approach solutions to problems in a similar way, but with a different ethos to their methods. While they both aim for the same end goal, the journey to reach it is different.


Holistic medicine will approach the situation with a very proactive mindset – considering treatments to correct the problem. Homeopathic medicine, on the other hand, will opt instead to take things more slowly. Because it works so closely with the body’s natural timing and processes, problems will have to be addressed and corrected at that more organic rate.


Doctors of holistic medicine will initially approach the situation much like how most traditional medical experts will – determining the problem, and finding a course of treatment. The critical distinction they make, though, is to consider many different types of healing to treat the problem and keep it gone. They will address any physical or mental stressors that can set the body’s balance out of order and find solutions to overcome them. Anything from addressing hormonal imbalances to suggesting lifestyle changes is on the table to properly seek out the source of illness in a patient. They may prescribe medication as well, but they will only be a part of the treatment.


Homeopathic practitioners, take that similar ideology of treating the problem at its source, but their approach is very different. At its core, they also believe that the body is capable of curing itself. However, instead of prescribing medications that will artificially change the chemistry and workings of the body, they opt for more natural substances. The principle behind their medicine is that “like cures like.” Essentially, substances that cause specific symptoms can be diluted appropriately and used to treat those same symptoms.


For example, lemon juice (or Citrus Limonum in homeopathic terminology), is known to sting and cause pain on any exposed parts of the body. Once it’s appropriately diluted to increase its potency, those same properties can be used to treat inflammation and pain. Substances that are used to treat symptoms and illnesses are often used to treat a litany of other issues. Therefore, it usually rests on the practitioner’s judgment and experience to determine what is best for their patients. As such, they’ll follow through and instruct patients to make lifestyle adjustments that will work best with their treatments.

What Homeopathy Can Do For You

Homeopath Las Vegas works with their patients to find non-invasive, natural, and lasting treatments for their patients. Traditional medicine can often fall just short of absolutely curing an illness, and that’s where we come in.


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