Homeopathic Remedy for Headaches and Migraines

Migraine headaches – that dull pounding deep from under your skull that spells out a troublesome day to come or the sore aftermath of long, hard work. For many people, these flares of distracting pain may be just a part of everyday life. For some people, though, relief from that constant throbbing pain could be as simple as finding a homeopathic remedy that works for them!

Homeopathic Migraine and Headache Treatment

Headaches are a telltale symptom that comes from one thing – stress. Whether that stress is physical, mental, or emotional something is putting a lot of burden on your wellbeing. Migraines are a specific type of headache that encompasses a similar set of triggers, symptoms, and causes. As a whole, though, they’re both brought on by stressors exceeding your body’s ability to cope and move forward with the day. To properly deal with migraines and headaches alike, one must take a holistic viewpoint on the problem.

Stressors can come in a number of forms and are triggered differently. For one person, digestive problems or other gastrointestinal issues stemming from a poor diet can be the root cause. For others, the primary culprits are a daunting tower of poor sleep habits, overwork, and constant worry. When headaches and migraines alike take the energy out of you, it only adds to the stress you’re facing – making them a self-feeding issue. Reducing the pain and frequency of headaches as a symptom is a good start, but that needs to be paired with making changes to your lifestyle to resolve the root problems.

Homeopathic Remedies

These powerful, natural ingredients can put you on the right path to relieving the pain and pressure inside your head


  • Belladonna: This leafy member of the nightshade family is used in a number of medicines meant to relieve pain. Applied to a patient suffering from migraines or headaches in its natural state can reduce the sensations of pain and sensitivity to light/noise.
  • Kali Phosphor
  • Glonoinum: Goes by the common name nitroglycerin – known primarily for its effects on your heart. They usually come in pellet form and can help combat the pain of sudden onset headaches, and reduce the feeling of head congestion.
  • Sepia: A remedy from the ink of a cuttlefish that can be applied to the dreaded left-sided migraine. If you’re suffering from feeling cold, tired, and like you’d rather curl up in a ball and not see anyone for the next couple of hours – this could be your savior!
  • Coffea Cruda: A derivative of green coffee beans not quite ripened, it can be a benefactor to relieving headaches and sleeplessness.
  • Gelsemium: For congestive headaches brought on by illness around the base of the head or eyes, this can relieve the pressure and the pain easily.
  • Bryonia: Comes from a vine-like plant native to Europe and Northern Iran – rather aggressive as a weed but works on just as aggressive, splitting headaches! For a migraine with the whole suite of side effects, nausea, sensitivity to noise and sound, and dry mouth, this can help alleviate the symptoms.
  • Cimicifuga: Also known as “bugbane”, extracts from this flowering plant is tailored to work against the most severe of splitting, throbbing headaches and shooting pains in the eyes. Relieve the pain of stress and worry and regain your energy with this ingredient


These remedies may vary from person to person. Please discuss these possible remedies with Ahmed Masood.

Although these homeopathic treatments can greatly benefit a patient’s health care, we still suggest seeing a physician. Contact us today for a health consultation to learn more!