Homeopathic Solutions for Menstrual Cramps

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Many women are affected by menstrual cramps and take over the counter medicines to try and relieve them. However, the relief from over the counter medications may vary from person to person. If those medications aren’t working out for your cramps, try homeopathic solutions!

Homeopathic solutions ease the pain of cramps with a more natural approach. Here is a list of remedies to help relieve cramps.

Menstrual Cramp Remedies

  • Cocculus: if you feel a cramping pain in your pelvic or abdominal region accompanied by weakness and dizziness, try cocculus. Also if you are nauseous or feel light-headed when you stand up, this may be the solution for you. 
  • Chamomilla: if you experience mood swings and have unbearable pains, chamomilla is often used. Your anger may be extreme and cramps may follow after you have been angry. The flow of your period may be heavy and your blood may be dark and clotted. If walking and moving around help your pain, also try taking chamomilla.
  • Belladonna: if your pain and symptoms come suddenly and you often feel hot, try using belladonna. Your flow is typically bright red and feels never-ending. Walking around may cause more pain. If you feel restless or like your body is pulsing, this remedy is for you.
  • Cimicifuga: is also known as actaea racemosa and helps with cramping that worsens as your flow increases. If your pain shoots up through your back or down towards your thighs, try cimicifuga. 
  • Magnesia phosphorica: if your cramps are relieved by warmth and pressure, magnesia phosphorica can also help. Your period may start early and have a dark discharge, your pain is worse on the right side of your body. 
  • Veratrum album: if your menstrual cycle is heavy followed with a lot of cramping and the feeling of exhaustion, chills, and vomiting, try veratrum album. Your period may start early and continue on too long. Any movement makes your pain worse and warmth helps, this may be your solution.

If your cramps worsen or you have painful periods you can also contact your gynecologist. Your menstrual period is important to your health.

Las Vegas Homeopath

Homeopathic medicine is the art of healing through your symptoms. Your body will communicate with you through pain and discomfort when it needs help. If you over the counter medications have not been working to relieve your menstrual cramp pain, try homeopathic solutions; they are all-natural and target your symptoms for relief. If you have any questions about homeopathic remedies, give us a call.