Homeopathic Treatments of Acne

Acne is like unwanted visitors – they weren’t invited, and they take forever to leave. It is often difficult to find an acne solution that works for you. Try clearing up your complexion with a homeopathic remedy, and get rid of those unwanted visitors!

Homeopathic Acne Treatment

Everyone’s skin is different, and so is the type of acne they may have. Over-the-counter acne medications may be too general and not cutting it. Homeopathy for acne will focus on your specific type of acne and leave you with the perfect remedy. 

Homeopathic Remedies

Make these active ingredients part of your daily face wash routine:

  • Sulphur: this active ingredient treats acne with oily skin and overabundance of blackheads. The pimples can be enormous, but they are not deep. Your nose is typically red, and pustules may be itchy. Heat and fatty foods tend to make acne worse. 
  • Pulsatilla: This remedy is used for acne in young girls. This acne is usually a cause of the menstrual period or pregnancy. You tend not to be thirsty and feel cold but like fresh air. 
  • Kali bromatum: The acne starts in early teen years, and vigorously follows you into adulthood. These can be bluish-red pimples containing pus that are located on your face, chest, and shoulders. The acne leaves scars and purple spots on your skin. These pimples are giant red cysts with white or yellow in the center. Sometimes, the person can have fidgety hands and feet and have trouble sleeping.
  • Silica: Treats deep, hard cystic acne. These pimples do not show pus and take a long time to heal while leaving scars. The person may often contract infections very quickly. Sweaty hands and feet, being cold, and the feeling of fatigue are symptoms that fall prey to this acne. 
  • Calcarea sulph: This treatment is used for severe cystic acne. Pimples show up in one spot and can take weeks to go away. If popped, thick yellow pus will drain for a significant amount of time. The person typically has unhealthy looking skin accommodated by yellow-ish scabs. Pimples will appear near the hairline, and you are more open to getting sinus, ear, and tonsil infections. Warm rooms can make a person feel unwell. 
  • Hepar sulph: Pimples are extremely painful and feel like they are poking into your skin. Pimples can be very sensitive to touch and cluster together on your forehead. These pimples form whiteheads quickly, and the discharge may have a horrid smell. 

Acne and remedies may differ in each patient. Find the best remedy for your acne by consulting with Ahmed Masood

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