Homeopathy for Anxiety and Depression

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Around 10% of patients that visit their doctor may be suffering from clinical or major depression. Many people believe that depression is all in one’s head and that leaves depression sufferers feeling guilty because they can’t stop the feeling.

Sometimes patients don’t want to talk to a counselor but still want help reducing their anxiety or depression. Some doctors may suggest trying homeopathic medicines. However, homeopathy should be used as an additional treatment, but not as a stand-alone therapy.

Homeopathic Medicines for Anxiety and Depression

There are numerous medicines that can be used to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety. Make sure your symptoms are not caused by other illnesses like an underactive thyroid or a stomach ulcer. 

Arsenicum album

If you are experiencing gastric symptoms like indigestion and diarrhea, mixed with panic attacks, arsenicum album is most effective. It is based on white arsenic that may cause gastroenteritis if taken in a toxic dose, but when taken in a homeopathic potency can help gastric symptoms. 

If you are thriving while using arsenicum album, you will probably be very tidy but also restless. Patients using this natural remedy can be convinced they have a physical illness that is being looked over because they feel ill. They may go through many investigations like endoscopies and colonoscopies before they accept what is wrong with them. 

Patients that are hard to reassure will normally take a dose of 30c three to four times a day, complemented by Aconite 30c taken when needed if they are still experiencing panic attacks. 


If a patient’s depressive symptoms are following a loss or a shock from witnessing a fatal accident, they will be suggested ignatia. Experiencing emotional ups and downs are referred to as “laughter alternating with tears” in homeopathic books. 

People that are going through emotional ups and downs are often found to be difficult to deal with. They tend to resist sympathy and are oversensitive to advice because they take it as criticism. Doctors may give patients a couple of 30c ignatia tablets at the time of the funeral and will prescribe a 200c dose on a weekly/monthly basis to combat depressive symptoms. 

Natrum muriaticum

This homeopathic treatment is used when patients have symptoms of stress. Doctors may prescribe natrum muriaticum to a patient because they haven’t been well since they experienced loss or if they feel like they aren’t included. 

These types of patients feel like they should be going out and doing more instead of staying home and doing less. As time goes on they will begin to feel more tired and not as high spirited. 

A dose of 200c is used when there is a clear history of a definite cause of the illness. When the cause of the illness is unclear, a dose of 30c is used. 


If you are experiencing that your energy is drained and you feel like you don’t deserve anyone’s love or attention, sepia may be the remedy for you. Patients who are overall sad and silent are usually prescribed sepia. 

Sepia usually suits women who feel alone or sad. They will say things like, “I love my husband but I can’t handle the physical side of our relationship.” They then feel symptoms of anxiety because they feel like it is causing difficulties in their relationship. 

Sepia also works for women who always feel hungry and never full or the complete opposite; women who experience nausea at the smell of food. 

Find a Relaxing Space

We categorize depression as something only women can get. It is true that twice as many females are treated for depression than males, but males may still get depressed. Also, not all depressions need to be treated with medication. Exercising regularly can help because it increases endorphins produced by our brains which are responsible for our “highs.” Things like finding quiet places, meditation, painting or walking can help rebalance your mind and body. Try to find a hobby that relaxes you or find a sport you really enjoy!

Homeopath Las Vegas

At Homeopath Las Vegas we believe that homeopathic medicine is the art of healing through symptoms. Pain is the voice of your inner self and that’s how it cries out for help. Homeopathy can help soothe your feelings of anxiety or depression by treating your symptoms. There are tons of homeopathic remedies geared towards helping anxiety and depression. Call us to schedule a consultation today.